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What's included:

Two-year contract offers the following benefits:


$19.99per month
One-time Setup Charge of $99
Essential Templates
Front Page + 5 subpages
All Essential Features
Premium Features (up to 3 selections for subpage-type only)
One Email Account (your own domain name)


$39.99per month
One-time Setup Charge of $199
ESSENTIAL Package and
Premium Templates
Option to Purchase Subpage Bundles
Premium Features up to Your # of Subpages
Optional Extended Features
One Additional Email Account


$69.99per month
One-time Setup Charge of $399
PREMIUM Package and
2 Subpage Bundles (6 additional subpages)
$30 monthly credits for Extended Features
One Additional Email Account


We have developed web-ministry solutions since 1997.

All the following features are counted as two subpages:

  • Custom WordPress Backend System
  • Itemized Online Giving via PayPal
  • Sermon Manager (a backend and a subpage)
  • Events and News (a backend and a subpage)
  • Google Calendar Embedded
  • YouVersion (iframe) Embedded
  • Facebook Page Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • YouTube Channel or Playlist Feed
  • YouTube Live Feed
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15-Best Church Website Designs

We constantly design and update the 15-best church websites for the year. Your selected website design will be one of the professionally custom-designed sites with up-to-date features.


You can upgrade your plan anytime. Just find the menu item at your backend portal site and follow the prompted instruction. The date of the upgrade becomes a new commencement date of your contract. In the case of selecting a different site design, there will be a one-time charge of $299. Our specialists will makeover your existing website with your chosen design within a week. 

Yes, we maintain a showcase of the 15-best live church websites. Not only, the design is up-to-date with today’s leading trends, but all the sites are full of features and functions that help you excel in today’s web ministry. Please visit the latest showcase by clicking here.

Your mockup site can be up and running within as little as a half-hour for ESSENTIAL Package, and a couple of days or longer for PREMIUM and ULTIMATE Packages depending on how many optional items are required to be implemented. All the basic content will be populated, and you will have access to Live Editor to make modifications to the site. Once done, we will stage the mockup site into production with your own domain name within 48 hours.

Creating a new functional page takes hours to weeks from discovering clients’ requirements to testing the functionality. We normally charge $ 60 to $ 90 per hour depending on the types of works to be performed. When we think that the proposed functional page can be beneficial for many other churches, the development can be done at a fixed fee of $ 99 and up.

In order to provide the maximum benefits for clients, we maintain a stream-line organization structure. We highly recommend you to choose the annual payment plan to lower your cost. It reduces our administration work, and that is how we offer you a better price schedule. You can either pay it with a credit card or a bank check. You need to pay with a credit card for the monthly payment plan.

Signing up for the two-year contract is required to receive the following benefits for FREE (you save up to $ 5,000 for the first year and $2,500 annually thereafter):  

  • ALL Setup Fees
  • Custom Design Templates
  • Web-ministry Essential Features
  • Web-ministry Planning Session
  • Premium Hosting Services
  • Premium System Maintenance
  • Security Monitoring
  • Ticket-based Support
  • Webinars on Digital Ministries and Technologies
  • Automated Guided Set-up in Minutes
  • Easy Update with a Live Editor
  • Custom Backend System
  • 50% OFF for any outsourced services

An early-termination penalty will be charged, and its amount calculated based on the number of remaining months. For example, 10-months prior to the contract term, the penalty is $ 800 x (10/24) for ESSENTIAL Package, $ 1,250 x (10/24) for PREMIUM Package, $ 1,750 x (10/24) for ULTIMATE Package, respectively.

During your onboarding process, you will be guided to learn about the backend portal where you can access different resources. One of those resource sites is the ticket-based support system, which can be visited by clicking here. You can also ask questions via the live chat by clicking the icon located at the right bottom of this screen.

We make a back-up image of the site frequently, and before and after any maintenance jobs are performed.

You can make a request for exporting your church website, including the backend, your frontend, and database into a compressed file. This service costs you a fixed amount of $199. 

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We are a command of professional and enthusiastic people, who like what they do with a singular vision to help organizations become a community full of real-life stories, generation to generation.

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